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Subject:shake it
Time:10:22 pm
Current Mood:calmcalm
I really, really want a milkshake. A big chocolate one. Yes... that sounds good.

In other news, Photoshop is annoying me because I can't find my layers tab, and so I can't see my layers. It's probably a really stupid problem that someone with a quarter of their brain mass could fix in an instant, but I'm a Photoshop newb. So thus... this is real time DRAMA! XD

It seems that whenever I get an inspiration for one drawing, I suddenly get inspired to do three more at the same time. This is why it takes me so long to finish anything. It's as if every one of my muses slaps me on the face all at once...
The losers.

I've got ideas for some Avatar: The Last Airbender stuff in addition to Halo/Original stuff I'm already doing, I just need to locate my screen captures again. I haven't memorized every detail of, say, Zhao's outfit (COUGHFORESHADOWINGCOUGH!) though I do (thanks to outside help) have screencaps of other characters I need. :33

Nine days til Secret of the Fire Nation airs! Please don't disappoint us, Mike & Brian! T_T

I wonder what state Zuko's hair will be in the NEXT episode? XD

In any case, I need to find some good music to utilize for inspiration for... stuff. Drawings, drabbles, whatever. XD For either Halo or Avatar, I don't care. New music is fun.

On a rather random note, I'm really glad Halo hasn't suffered from the slow fanfiction necrosis known as Sue-dom. Of course, it's set in a militaristic sci-fi universe in the middle of a giant age-old war. But still. Sues are persistent. I've only caught TWO so far - two! In all of fanfiction! Sure they were abysmal, but still, that's not that many.

I should totally write a parody Halo sue fic.

Snrk snrk.

The Arbiter turned around, straining to pinpoint the location of the sound. The Oracle bobbed behind him, irritated at the sudden lack of attention given to it from the meddler and the two Reclaimers.

"What was it?" Commander Miranda Keyes inquired slowly, her already nerveless hands reaching for a weapon. Sgt. Johnson was surprisingly quiet, but coiled to spring at any given chance.

"If you'll excuse me," Guilty Spark intervened, sounding miffed, "I was in the middle of revealing a great plot point -"

It was then the Arbiter and humans saw it - or *her*. She glided away from the shadows... she was beautiful! She was a warrior! She was a long-lost Spartan childhood close comrade/friend of Master Chief that was captured by the Covenant that betrayed Humanity that become loyal again that seduced John and random Marine #127! She gleamed with the holy light of the Forerunners of which she is actually a direct descendent of! And her name is Star! And Cassandra-Jane-Tinkerbelle! And she also knows ancient martial arts and can fart rainbows out of her butt!

There was a moment of dreaded silence, before Sgt. Johnson finally ended it.

"Mother!@#%ing Sues on a mother!@#%ing Halo!"


...I need sleep.
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Time:2006-09-21 01:33 am (UTC)
My dad makes amazing chocolate milkshakes. *tries to plan a way to mail one to ya* Now that would make a mess. Better find an Elite to clean you off afterwards. ;O
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